Become A Life Member

     We at Shri Vallabhpith, Nashik are glad to announce that have introduced this new service of signing up life members to Shri Vallabhpith  Vaishnav Samaj, Nashik via the internet.


     Shri Vallabhpith hosts a large set of activities and services - be it related to Pushtimarg or general humanitarian activities. We have  members enrolling to these services from all over the world! Such valuable and essential services are now being made available to all  Vaishnavs via the internet at a nominal fee as described below.


      All members enrolling to Shri Vallabhpith's life membership scheme is entitled to the following privileges :


         --Manorath on a particular date annually for lifetime. The date or tithi must be specified when enrolling via the internet form.


       --ONE night and TWO DAYS stay at Shri Vallabhpith Shri Mahaprabhuji Baithakji, Nashik for a life member and his/her family

         (FOUR members). Click Here for details of our contact.


       --Yearly publications and granths may be obtained.


    For all these valuable services we are charging nominal fees as follows, which may be paid in cash or cheque or via the net. Currently we are allowing only CASH payments only. Soon we'll be providing a facility allowing you to transfer the fee online using credit cards.


Type of membership Residents of India
Residents of Dubai
Residents of The USA
(US Dollars)
Residents of UK
Life Membership 12000/- 1300/- 200/- 375/-


     You can send in seva in cash or cheque or online for various activities conducted by Shri Vallabhpith at the Shri Vallabbhpith Shri Mahapranbhuji Baithakji, Nashik - like renovations, publishing of Pushtimargiya granthas and study, utasv seva, gaushala, sanskrit mahavidyalaya and lots more...



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