Haveli @ Nasik

Shri Vallabhpith Shri Vallabhacharyaji Baithakji is great place to be in!! Spread on a large setup, with distinguished and marked buildings as

  • Shri Nashik Maharajadhiraj Shri Dwarikashioshprabhu's Mandir
  • Akhand Bhumandalachraya Jagadguru Shri Mahaprabhuji Baithakji
  • A library, pravachan and sandhya kotha floor.
  • The accommodations and restrooms for Vallabhkul Goswamis.
  • Quarters for staff.
  • The Mitravrinda Sabhagrah designed to hold membersfor meetings, open pravachans, other get-togethers.
  • An in-house Bagichi with Bangli where various Manoraths are celebrated. The Bagichi has varius flowering plants useful in Seva.
  • A big Bagichi just outside the haveli with ample parking space, beautiful plantations and more....

    This section is devoted to give the feel of the huge and beafutiful Haveli here... Keep looking here for more updates....

Shri Vallabhyuvraj H.H. Goswami Shri Raghunathji Bawasaheb besides the inner door of the Baitahkji

The Chowk just below the Baithakji

The courtyard, covering the in-house Bagichi and portions of staff quaters, portions of Mitravrinda Sabhagrah, a glimpse of the restrooms and the upper part of Baithakji.

The Chowk just below the Baithakji, all decorated and lit up with diwas, during Diwali celebrations

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